About me

Call me Crayon / 蜡笔
Any pronouns are fine
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Important info

Please don't tag my art as kin, I don't like it very
much due to personal reasons.
The King of Fighters and Steamboy
make me go :^)

Misc info

I love retro things and pink / blue colours
I don't talk too much in general.


My Ocs
The King Of Fighters (NESTS saga is my fav!)
Monster Hunter
AKIRA and Steamboy!
Initial D
Final Fantasy
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Ryu Ga Gotoku
Harvest Moon / Story of Seasons
Identity V

Charas I love in particular

K9999 ( Kof )
K' ( Kof )
Tetsuo Shima ( Akira )
Kaori ( Akira )
Ray Steam ( Steamboy )
Kei Nagai ( Ajin )
Zack Fair ( Ff7cc )
Cloud Strife ( Ff7cc )

Thanks for reading!

Have a nice day!

All images are from The King of Fighters by SNK Playmore!